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Nugent The Native American Confederate Patriot 1

Ted Nugent Is An Enormous Coward

A closer look at the motor-mouthed…er, Motor City Madman – his draft dodging, woman-hating, hunt-for-the-pleasure-of-killing things mentality, racism, and mindless flag-waving nationalism are an insult to the intelligence and spirit of Americans

Look upon my works, O Ye Mighty, and PLONK 0

The Way Of The Kook

The all-encompassing guide to the identification and taxonomy of kooks, originally assembled in 2005 by a Cabal of Freemasons, Illuminati, and Opus Dei during a 2005 meeting of the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Jewish bankers, and lizard people in Bohemian Grove, and since refined by several Greys and Thetans operating under the guidance of Xenu while wearing magic underpants and engaging in ritual cannibalistic deicide. There Is No Cabal. MEOW.